Nebulyft Botanical Soothing Gel 200ml

  • Exclusive for the Nebulyft devices.
  • Produced Organically in CA, USA
  • Develops a soothing, coupling effect on your skin.
  • Can be used as an instant hydrating mask, which relieves dehydration, minor redness, skin irritation, burning or itchy feeling, or even minor swelling.

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At Home Skin Tightening & Anti-Aging Technology

Discover your skin for a new day in 10 minutes

10-min daily treatment effective for


100% Organic Gel

Enjoy a skin “lyfting” experience without the pain.

Nebulyft works the best with Nebulyft Exclusive Gel series*

*Specially formulated by OLECEA BEAUTE
Lavandula Angustifolia Extract  & Panthenol

Lavandula Angustifolia Extract & Panthenol

Lavandula Angustifolia Extract & Panthenol
100% Organically Produced

100% Organically Produced

Exclusively Customized and 100% Organically Produced in California, USA
Hamamelis Virginiana Flower Water

Hamamelis Virginiana Flower Water

Main functions: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Allergy, Relieving
Low Preservative

Low Preservative

Preservative lower than industrial standard

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SallyNews LA Spa Owner

You can use it everyday! "If you use it every day its very good for facial wrinkles.''

Jennifer Gerace,LeProfessional Paramedical Aesthetician

Small but fierce. "I have had almost 7 weeks of using Nebulyft, and using it daily. The intensity level was high and the contraction of the tissue pretty much immediate and with incremental results.

Arlene RhodesI can see the difference!

Was skeptical but I can see the difference. Fine lines are smoothing out and my neck seems to be shrinking. I am very pleased with the Nebulyft.

HennyFashion Icon & Influencer manager

"I use it every day, before going to bed and its so relaxing because of the warmth. My jawline is my favorite part to use it, because of the tightening. ''

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Kitty Chiu
Nebulyft Botanical Soothing Gel 200ml

The gel is perfect, I love it. It works very well with the device.

Susan Krueger
Best Radio-frequency Gel on the Planet

I bought my Nebulyft in 2023 and I love everything about it. It came with its own gel, which went on smoothly, worked like a charm, and rinsed off so clean, I didn't need to re-cleanse. I tried a few other gels after my initial supply ran low, and there was no comparison! The other gels were sticky, too thick, a mess to clean up. I finally decided to get a subscription for the Nebulyft gel, since I will use ONLY this gel going forward. I learned my lesson! Thank you for a very luxury experience with a very high-end feeling gel.

I love this Gel!

This is the best conductive gel I have tried in general. It works so well with the Nebulyft and I use it with my other devices as well. I have super sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate it. The only issue is I have dry skin so it dries out quickly, but I use a water mister to spray my face during my treatment and this works well.

June Elliott-Cattell

Even though I have very few wrinkles and minimal sagging at 67, my skin texture and tone look better. It also gives me a glow. I love my Nebulyft!

cheryl adler
Love this

This gel s great. It is pretty expensive as you use a fair amount each session but causes the nebulyft to glide smoothly and inures a great treatment each time.